Street lighting during Derby Festival

Following a public meeting in Langley Vale Village Hall where the Borough Council, Police and Racecourse explained to local residents that plans that will be put in place to manage the Derby Festival, Cllr Liz Frost – with the support of our local police sergeant – requested that Surrey County Council left the street lights on all night in the Village over the festival period. We are pleased to share with you the response to that request. We hope that this will increase the safety and security of residents.

We have received several requests to keep the street lights in Langley Vale switched on during Derby Week. Having evaluated the information provided, I can confirm that the lights shown in green on the plan below will be switched on all night from 24 May through to 3 June.

We have received the same request via several routes, so I have included everyone in this response.

Please let me know if you have any further queries.


Contract Manager – Street Lighting
Surrey County Council – Highways

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