Log of Council, Committee and Outside Body meetings attended, Civic Year 2018-19

Events attended by Cllr Liz Frost – updated 14th November 2018

Date Body / Event Notes
18/05/2018 Derby Planning meeting Confirmed SCC would leave street lights on in LV over Derby period; Agreed info for local residents; all agencies shared plans
29/05/2018 Members’ Briefing Population stats for planning our long term strategies
05/06/2018 Members’ Briefing Learned more about our Emergency Planning, and the role of Officers & Cllrs in the case of
10/06/2018 EEBC Civic Service Attended Mayor Dallen’s Civic Service at Epsom Methodist Church
11/06/2018 Training Grounds Management Board (TGMB) Updates on current activity on Training Grounds and results for local trainers.  Derby festival report
12/06/2018 Citizens Advice Epsom & Ewell Attended Management Committee – update on current workload, funding and recruitment
12/06/2018 Community & Wellbeing Committee Unanimous support for positioning statement on the future of Acute Services at Epsom & St Helier University Hospital NHS Trust
18/06/2018 Epsom & Walton Downs Conservators Elected Chairman for current year. Agreed parking provision for Racecourse events
18/06/2018 TGMB Information meeting for Councillors – discussed contribution to local economy and employment made by training industry and future aspirations
25/06/2018 EEBC Fly the Flag event Attended the event in the Market Place to support our Armed Forces
03/07/2018 Health Liaison Panel meeting Updates and future plans discussed by Epsom General Hospital and SDCCG
05/07/2018 Wellbeing DayCare plus Attended the open day at the Centre to find out more about the services offered to those who need additional support
09/07/2018 Love Me, Love My Mind Attended a planning meeting for the Epsom Mental Health Week
09/07/2018 Town Twinning Association Attended committee meeting, heard feedback from the recent Choral Festival in Chantilly
17/07/2018 Council Meeting Posed a question on progress with the proposed Emily Wilding Davison statue

Proposed a motion on supporting the Borough Council’s actions for producing their Local Plan while facing huge housing challenges – agreed unanimously

A motion supporting the Health Position was also agreed unanimously

23/07/2018 SCC Chairman question opportunity Attended a ‘briefing meeting’ with the Chairman of SCC. Asked about progress with redeveloping Surrey wide Mental Health Champion’s forum.
26/07/2018 Surrey Downs Clinical Commissioning Group Attended a stakeholder workshop / forum to share views on future of services at Epsom Hospital
26/07/2018 Strategy & Resources Committee Attended meeting – updated on progress of current Council work plan
04/08/2018 EDMAC Cloud Tramp Took part in Epsom Downs Model Model Aircraft Club international event
10/08/2018 Epsom Hospital Public Board Meeting Attended public briefing meeting re future of land at Epsom Hospital, and the following board meeting in public
21/08/2018 Cll David Wood’s funeral Attended funeral for the late Cllr David Woods
27/08/2018 Epsom Trainers’ Open Day Watched the locally trained horses on the Gallops, then visited the training yards
17/09/2018 Epsom & Walton Downs Consultative Committee Chaired meeting
18/09/2018 TGMB Attended meeting
18/09/2018 Members’ briefing Attended meeting on updates to the Constitution
24/09/2018 Love Me, Love My Mind Attended Mental Health Week planning meeting
25/09/2018 Police meeting Attended update briefing meeting with local police team
25/09/2018 CAB AGM Attended CAB AGM
25/09/2018 CAB Management Committee Attended meeting, new CEO introduced to members
25/09/2018 Strategy & Resources Committee Attended meeting – Discussed the future of the Wells site and Empty Property Strategy
27/09/2018 Epsom Vision – Racecourse Attended meeting to look at future vision for Epsom Racecourse
07/10/2018 LMLMM Mental Health Week Assisted with refreshments
08/10/2018 Downs Conservators Chaired meeting
08/10/2018 Town Twinning Attended committee meeting
09/10/2018 Community & Wellbeing Committee Attended meeting – updated on progress with Playhouse work
12/10/2018 LMLMM Mental Health Week Assisted all day
13/10/2018 LMLMM Mental Health Week Attended Dementia Friends session
16/10/2018 White Horse Drive / Rosebanks Attended from 8 – 9.30 to assess traffic issues
21/10/2018 Prayers for Peace Took part in the Inter Faith Forum Prayers for Peace at Clayhill Green
22/10/2018 Youth Mental Health first aid Attended first day of course
23/10/2018 Youth Mental Health first aid Attended second day of course
26/10/2018 Police Speedwatch training Attended police community event in Langley Vale
07/11/2018 Community Connections event Attended a Mental Health network meeting to hear update on services available locally
13/11/2018 Conservators EAFRD meeting Attended inception meeting to look at next steps for bid
13/11/2018 Health Liaison Panel Attended meeting, heard updates from EGH and SDCCG about Epsom Hospital, and about Social prescribing


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