Haywain wall in a sorry state of disrepair with no end in sight!

Dear  Counsellors

Re: Fence and Wall The Brewers Fayre Epsom

The directors of Abelea Green Management Company (Epsom) Limited would be grateful if you can please help us with the issues explained in the letter below.

 I have attached three photographs.


 Fred Mowbray


 Abelea Green Management Company (Epsom) Limited.

Dear Sir/Madam, 

My name is Agnes West and I am the homeowner of number xx St Margaret Drive, Epsom Surrey KT18 7LB. This house is adjacent to Brewers Fayre property The Haywain number 2/4 St Margaret Drive. 

You are obviously aware that the wall separating the The Haywain from Dorking Road has been down since November of last year. This wall unknown to the work personnel of The Haywain is a listed wall, as is the wall at the bottom of my garden. When the wall came down the bricks were thrown away and a temporary fence was put up. This fence in itself is dangerous. It is encroaching on the footpath and to keep it secure it is tied to my fence. 

I have approached the manager of the Haywain many times regarding as to when the wall will be rebuilt. He has told me they have the bricks but are not allowed to start the job as the bricks they have are not the original ones and they have to source as like bricks. I have been to the council who have told me, they will get back to me, they haven’t received any planning applications and yes they know about the problem. No joy there either. 

I have lived in this estate for 19 years and I am appalled a how The Haywain has fallen into a state of disrepair. The entrance to St Margaret Drive where The Haywain is situated is a disgrace. Fence broken, weeds everywhere, overhanging trees so low you have to go on to the road to avoid them. There seems to be no pride in the appearance of this property any more. I have no idea what the inside is like as the exterior puts me off. And do not start me on the car park, people go in and out both the exit and the entrance, which is a danger to pedestrians. It is also used as a pick up, drop off point for school children, car park for shoppers in town centre and for those visiting the hospital

I would appreciate if you could get something done about the wall ASAP. It is dangerous, unsightly and the mere fact that my fence is securing it, concerns me too. This has now become a matter of urgency and I hope that you will address it appropriately.

Yours sincerely

Agnes West

Haywain temporary fence

Haywain temporary fence

Haywain temporary fence out onto the public footpath

Haywain temporary fence out onto the public footpath

Haywain wooden fence needs repair

Haywain wooden fence needs repair

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